Siding Repair and Replacement

Siding Repair and Replacement

The Handyman Contractor specializes in residential exterior renovations that include energy efficient and low maintenance products. Our manufacturer trained craftsmen will install new fiber cement, steel, or vinyl siding with integral rigid insulation that will seal your home from the elements. Low-cost strategies for air and moisture barrier products will improve the efficiency of new installations, guaranteeing lower utility bills. Combined with high-performance window replacement, your new insulated siding, and exterior doors will add beauty and protection to your home’s value.

Fiber Cement Siding

This material is made of cement, cellulose fibers and sand. Fiber cement siding generally looks like masonry, stucco or wood. If you want to give your house exterior an authentic wooden look at a lower cost, fiber cement siding is a great choice. The material is durable, termite-resistant, fireproof, and will be painted to the color of your choice.

Metal Siding

Metal siding is durable, tough, flexible and light-weight. It contracts and expands under extreme weather conditions so it needs special sizing and nails, tools and hanging techniques. Professional installation is critical.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Unlike cedar or wood, it does not flake, crack or rot. Vinyl needs no maintenance other than an occasional spray washing. It is sometimes less expensive than other siding materials and its installation cost is low.

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